Send Phonebook from Phone to Blackberry

Via MS Outlook

  MS Outlook is application Personal Information Manager of Microsoft Windows,  which one function for save contact. may be chose Microsoft Windows market leader operation system PC the biggest on the world, reason of cellular phone production build compatible synchronizes with MS Outlook in they are product.

when your phone did Synchronize with MS Outlook, easy to  send your phonebook to other device. this sample send your phonebook from Nokia to Blackberry.

  1. Install Nokia PC Suite from CD. or free download on activated menu "Synchronize" in Nokia PC Suite",  click "Setting".
  2. on windows Shawn "Select PC Application",  click "Microsoft Outlook", than click "Next".
  3. Enter to "Outlook profile selection",  click "Select folder" folder Contact chose in folder "Contact". than click " OK "

if want to update. chose Update in both direction, Only-update mobile phone to Microsoft Outlook or "Only-update Microsoft Outlook data to the mobile phone.

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on setting "Advance " also can setting manual or automatic. than, Synchronize your Blackberry with MS Outlook.

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