To Install Opera Mini on Our PC

  1. visit
  2. download the last version
  3. extract file to  C:/Program Files/microemulator-2.0.4
  4. Download Opera Mini on here
  5. Save Opera Mini file .jad  and .jar  to folder apps microemulator(C:/Program Files/microemulator-2.0.4/apps)
  1. double-click "microemulator.jar". or type "java -jar microemulator.jar" in console (Command Prompt). (we need install JRE to run microemulator)
  2. then click "Options > Select device", click "Add...", go to "microemulatordevices" click  "microemu-device-resizable.jar"
  3. click  "Resizable device"  next  "Set as default"
  4. click "Resize" enter size as we need
  5. click "File > Open JAD" chose opera mini jar (opera mini 4.2)
  6. "Opera Mini" shown on list, click "Start"  congratulation now we can online with Opera Mini from our PC/ desktop
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